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Another love story

On top of a mountain Under a shady tree He was there, waiting for her.
She was a little late that night But the waiting is always fruitful To see his lover, glowing under the stars.
When the morning comes Do they depart And he will meet her again Tonight.
I'll be By my window, Watching When the bird And the moon, meeting.

p/s: picture from Google search

Let it be...

When smiling doesn't seems to be right I'll pause to take a deep breath and think for awhile, I'm here alone.
If it will rain again, then let it be, if the clouds will get darker, then let it be, if the birds will stop singing, then let it be.
And if letting go is the only way, then I'll let it go.

Dear Moon~

At night, I stay awake, thinking;

If only a feeling is like a cloud
then let the wind blow it off,
if only a tear is like a dust
then let the rain wash it away.

Soon, they'll be gone in the morning
leaving me with happiness and smiles
and everything will be just a dream
or maybe, never exist.

Dear moon,
how I wish you are listening right now.

The Counting...

1,2,3...the day that passed me by,
1,2,3...each breath that i take,
1,2,3...the steps to get to you,
1,2,3...days of knowing you,
1,2,3...the distance between us,
1,2,3...minutes left before I go,
1,2,3...reasons for me to stay.

Give me only one good reason
or I'll be counting,
1,2,3...words of goodbye.

A Wishing Pond

A Wishing Pond

Near this wishing pond we met
once upon a time
I thought it was just a dream
but then you pinched me, ouch!
that's when I knew it is real

I still remember
we were all covered up in blankets
in the middle of the room
listening to a ghost story
"woo~ woo~ dead bodies everywhere"
all of us were screaming

We had dinners together
singing under the moon
watching the stars up in the sky
we were there witnessing the night
and before going to bed
everything will be in my diary

Near this wishing pond I stand
reminiscing our story
holding a diary on my right
and a rose on my left
I close my eyes and make a wish
"If yesterday was a dream,
then let it be forever a dream".

There She Goes

What I see hollow
all shouting, shout, shout
go vanish the screaming of a voice
in an open field of a sacred place called 'the home'.

Let the day stay with the sun
chase the dreaming moon away, go, far--
stop crying the gloomiest sky O please, nothing but a smile and the chirping birds.

The story is real,
I am still here,
This life is true.

Humming the riddle

I was mumbling in the rain talking to the moon, that's all I can remember...
It was late at night when I heard foot steps behind me, I just stay... I should've run away but I'm not and I never regret for that until now...
It's still raining outside and I'm humming the riddle.

A Warm Smile

Can you understand this feeling just like the way I feel it? Have you ever been there before? Over there where this feeling belongs? Can you see it the way I do? How unusual it is to be where I always wanted to be
There, the sand is whiter the sea is clearer the sky is wider birds singing, palm trees dancing
There, I can paint the colourless rainbow, and a flower that is blooming, and I'll draw a warm smile on your face cause I believe, that tomorrow will always come and if it's not for me it will somehow for them or you.

25 Random Things About Me (as requested ;p)

1. I got the 'Yasu' name from an online says that my Japanese name should be 'Yasu' which means 'calm'... I know, I don't get it either..haha!  Up until now I'm still using the name coz it's unique :)
2.I love the rain verrrrry much!!! Especially when it's raining in the afternoon <3>
3. I secretly terrified of clowns and people with masks..huhu =.=' I feel like smacking them on the face and then run away screaming.. T_T
4.  Give me a book with pictures and I'll be happy to 'read' it for hours and never get tired of it ;) Maybe that's why I love home decor magazines.. hurm O_o
5. Chocolate is not under my 'craving for' list but I'll take the dark one any day.
6.  Cockroaches are meant to be killed... those creepy crawlers!
7.  I think I'm as thin as the skeleton...kwang3 ;p that's why I really need to gain some more weight!
8. To be honest, I don't really know how to handle compliments from p…

Day Moon

I can see the morning moon, so far away, the colourless shade, no one knows, nobody cares, but still, it is there,
and she's just like me, right in front of you, now hear me say; the waiting ship has sailed so now I'm letting you go.

The Hiding Moon~

Can't see the face of the hiding moon wondering if it's a smile or just tears but the night is not so dark nor too bright
The windy night plays its tune and the rhythm filled the air
May this one lives forever.

The Proud Lad~

Words flowing, higher and higher like a melody around you songs that you'll never going to sing path that you'll never going to step on
and they praise your art day and night left and right O blindfolded people can't you see?

Another Story

Once again, when silentness is in the air it dances around me with guilt and questions you left, to another state of your mind left without words I can find
I saw you that day by the time I was invisible only then I realize I've lost my self I've lost my heart and this is another mistake I can't bear
I will be away for now away from you and I'll be writing another story about the next chapter of you and me.

The Dandelion~

This road is not the only road there is
for there are options to be made and to live with;
counting the colours of the rainbow in the sky
when the life itself is not as bright
as it is all black and white
and grey and red;
they dreamed for a pure heart and a perfect soul
though life is not a dream but it's true;
if only I could just walk away
I'd rather depart, I'd rather dream
and that is when I whisper to myself,
take a deep breath...and let it go.

At time like this~

Let's go to the beach and walk along that sandy shore,
let's have a ride on a bicycle in the woods where the crickets sing,
let's get on the swing and go as high as possible; feel the wind,
let's dance under the falling crystal clear rain until it stops,
let's sleep on the porch while looking at the far away stars.

At a time when I can't find the right words to say,
I need my happy thoughts to start it all over again.

Cold Cold Night~

I wish I'd be brave enough
to walk alone on a lonely street
counting each step that I take;

It's about to rain

with the dimmed lights on my both sides
lining up along the path where I'm standing
the traffic is in silent
and there's nobody but me
when all I can feel is the cold, cold night.

Now I'll let you know
that my life is not a fairytale
and it's not as perfect
as yours does.

I'll be... someone else~

I'll be,
the artist of this castle called Heart
I'll sing, I'll dance when the people are all deaf and blind
nothing but silent

I'll be,
reciting love poems each night to the moon
as I looked through the darkest sky searching for it
it's gone

I'll be,
the warrior of this deserted land
fighting the enemy that lies within me
it hurts

Believe me that one day I'll be
the other half of you, another half of me.

Bright Night~

When tiredness fools the burning lights of intelligence, another soul has left its owner, to be at a place where her hearts long to be, in a silent room filled with whispering voices, unveiling the nightmare she once had, and hold her breath long enough, before the bright night gets darker.

You, You, You!!!

To be invisible to the people around YOU to listen only to what YOU have to say to do all the things that YOU want me to to try to please YOU each and every time to let YOU text me every second of the day to look so stupid right in front of YOU to give up everything I love only for YOU to live my life according to YOU,
and these are...
all the things...
I don't want it,
to be that way.

p/s: credit to picture owner


I can go nowhere, with you, and you can go nowhere, with me, there's nowhere we could go but to leave.
It's gone, nowhere to look for and nowhere to be found.
Gone, we've lost everything and now all we have is nothing.
Impossible, it was a dream and forever I wish to be in my slumber.
But instead of being 'nowhere', we are 'now here'.


The colour of this love is GREY

The colour of this friendship is GREY

This feeling is just... GREY

GREY heart,
GREY smile,
GREY life.

I've painted the whole thing in colours,
but everything has turned GREY...

A missing treasure~

A pinch of salt in a cup of tea
and the bitter taste it brings
on a rainy day,

a smiling two lips can no longer be seen
when it's gone, it's disappear from you,

I can still hear your lovely voice calling me
from far, behind the shed
where I used to hide your treasure box.

It's raining and still,
and I'm not going anywhere.

A statue of me~

To know the word 'quitting' is never there in my dictionaries. To sacrifice my time and what's not, and to bear with all that I have. To just keep on smiling and tell the world that I'm alright. To be someone different from who I was that I am now, An abstract statue of my own life story.

A Total Stranger~

The eyes, the smile, the face of the unknown
in the world of familiarity,
the emptiness of an awkward conversation
remain silence in the hearts of two,
the similar differences of life and everything
standing stiff and still in its place.

The way you are is all I'm not,
the way I am is all you're not.

To change, to know, to feel, to learn,
and that,
is how I met a total stranger.

Now You Know~

The good in me, the bad in me will I change or will I not the warmth in me, the cold in me for how long will this remain
I make you smile, I make you cry and yet you are still here to be by your side, to just let you go tell me what should I do
Now you know a person I am an angel that I'm not.

Everything I'm not...

I'm listening to something so unfamiliar to me
Close my eyes and started counting
one, two....

This four walls
not a trap but I'm in
nobody force me to
but here I am now

I wish I can tell you to set me free
but the only person that keep holding me back me.

Your Tears~

I can just look at you crying
I can just listen to your sad voice
I can only understand what you are trying to say

But then.... that's all I can do
and nothing more than that

I can cry for you,
but I can't feel the pain

I can hug you,
but that will never help

I can do nothing
but to let you cry.

When It Rains~

they say it's not worth trying for
that i'll get nothing but hurts,
the wind is blowing outside my window.

i've put my mind in it
time after time
when my heart stop thinking,
i take a deep breath.

keep telling myself on one thing
when all i can hear is another,
leaves floating in the air.

they say never stop wishing upon a star
that there's a light in every darkness,
it's raining.

An Empty Box~

A cup of tea A bouquet of flowers I was there.
When life begins to dance in a slow rhythm underneath my shadow;
I can smell the sweetness of yesterday's wind so I kept it in a box by the window of a tower.
A sea of tears A garden of hopes I am here.

A Butterfly's Dream

In her dream She's a princess of a small land; A home for the friendly creatures And the sweet smelling flowers, Trees that grow apple candies; Red and shiny As red as the blooming roses on her hand.

But she's only a  butterfly, And I was there looking at her Thinking about This make-believe story.

the rain...

the rain is falling
and it keeps on falling
from the dark sky where the moon is hiding
smiling nervously
watching an angel dancing under a tree
to the sound of contentment and clarity
a dream that forever will it remains
and to hold on to
before the rain stop falling
and the sky turned grey
when all the colours will fade away
a hope will then
stay forever in a heart
with a glimpse of yesterday
and a promise to be made
for the life of tomorrow, today, and for this very moment.

Rough Weather by James Reeves

To share with you this rough, divisive weather
And not to grieve because we have to share it,
Desire to wear the dark of night together
And feel no colder that we do not wear it,
Because sometimes my sight of you is clearer,
The memory not clouded by the sense,
To know that nothing now can make you dearer
Than does the close touch of intelligence,
To be the prisoner of your kindnesses
And tell myself I want you to be free,
To wish you here with me despite all this,
To wish you here, knowing you cannot be—
This is a way of love in our rough season,
This side of madness, the other side of reason.
–James Reeves (1909-1978 )

To my future husband

I'm sorry to tell you this
but I hope you don't mind;
The heart that I'm giving you
is the one, already ruined,
even though I've fixed it, though it looks new
the inner parts, are still broken, undone

I'm sorry to tell you this
but this is the truth;
to be loved by someone,
to cry
to smile
to promise
to believe in someone,
to care, and wanting to die for someone.. let it go,
and to forget that special someone,
I've gone through it all

And for that I'm sorry,
please forgive me,
but I will never regret,
of what had happened,
because if I do,
I'll never found you.