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the rain...

the rain is falling
and it keeps on falling
from the dark sky where the moon is hiding
smiling nervously
watching an angel dancing under a tree
to the sound of contentment and clarity
a dream that forever will it remains
and to hold on to
before the rain stop falling
and the sky turned grey
when all the colours will fade away
a hope will then
stay forever in a heart
with a glimpse of yesterday
and a promise to be made
for the life of tomorrow, today, and for this very moment.

Rough Weather by James Reeves

To share with you this rough, divisive weather
And not to grieve because we have to share it,
Desire to wear the dark of night together
And feel no colder that we do not wear it,
Because sometimes my sight of you is clearer,
The memory not clouded by the sense,
To know that nothing now can make you dearer
Than does the close touch of intelligence,
To be the prisoner of your kindnesses
And tell myself I want you to be free,
To wish you here with me despite all this,
To wish you here, knowing you cannot be—
This is a way of love in our rough season,
This side of madness, the other side of reason.
–James Reeves (1909-1978 )

To my future husband

I'm sorry to tell you this
but I hope you don't mind;
The heart that I'm giving you
is the one, already ruined,
even though I've fixed it, though it looks new
the inner parts, are still broken, undone

I'm sorry to tell you this
but this is the truth;
to be loved by someone,
to cry
to smile
to promise
to believe in someone,
to care, and wanting to die for someone.. let it go,
and to forget that special someone,
I've gone through it all

And for that I'm sorry,
please forgive me,
but I will never regret,
of what had happened,
because if I do,
I'll never found you.