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Showing posts from June, 2010

Your Tears~

I can just look at you crying
I can just listen to your sad voice
I can only understand what you are trying to say

But then.... that's all I can do
and nothing more than that

I can cry for you,
but I can't feel the pain

I can hug you,
but that will never help

I can do nothing
but to let you cry.

When It Rains~

they say it's not worth trying for
that i'll get nothing but hurts,
the wind is blowing outside my window.

i've put my mind in it
time after time
when my heart stop thinking,
i take a deep breath.

keep telling myself on one thing
when all i can hear is another,
leaves floating in the air.

they say never stop wishing upon a star
that there's a light in every darkness,
it's raining.