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A statue of me~

To know the word 'quitting' is never there in my dictionaries. To sacrifice my time and what's not, and to bear with all that I have. To just keep on smiling and tell the world that I'm alright. To be someone different from who I was that I am now, An abstract statue of my own life story.

A Total Stranger~

The eyes, the smile, the face of the unknown
in the world of familiarity,
the emptiness of an awkward conversation
remain silence in the hearts of two,
the similar differences of life and everything
standing stiff and still in its place.

The way you are is all I'm not,
the way I am is all you're not.

To change, to know, to feel, to learn,
and that,
is how I met a total stranger.

Now You Know~

The good in me, the bad in me will I change or will I not the warmth in me, the cold in me for how long will this remain
I make you smile, I make you cry and yet you are still here to be by your side, to just let you go tell me what should I do
Now you know a person I am an angel that I'm not.