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Cold Cold Night~

I wish I'd be brave enough
to walk alone on a lonely street
counting each step that I take;

It's about to rain

with the dimmed lights on my both sides
lining up along the path where I'm standing
the traffic is in silent
and there's nobody but me
when all I can feel is the cold, cold night.

Now I'll let you know
that my life is not a fairytale
and it's not as perfect
as yours does.

I'll be... someone else~

I'll be,
the artist of this castle called Heart
I'll sing, I'll dance when the people are all deaf and blind
nothing but silent

I'll be,
reciting love poems each night to the moon
as I looked through the darkest sky searching for it
it's gone

I'll be,
the warrior of this deserted land
fighting the enemy that lies within me
it hurts

Believe me that one day I'll be
the other half of you, another half of me.

Bright Night~

When tiredness fools the burning lights of intelligence, another soul has left its owner, to be at a place where her hearts long to be, in a silent room filled with whispering voices, unveiling the nightmare she once had, and hold her breath long enough, before the bright night gets darker.

You, You, You!!!

To be invisible to the people around YOU to listen only to what YOU have to say to do all the things that YOU want me to to try to please YOU each and every time to let YOU text me every second of the day to look so stupid right in front of YOU to give up everything I love only for YOU to live my life according to YOU,
and these are...
all the things...
I don't want it,
to be that way.

p/s: credit to picture owner


I can go nowhere, with you, and you can go nowhere, with me, there's nowhere we could go but to leave.
It's gone, nowhere to look for and nowhere to be found.
Gone, we've lost everything and now all we have is nothing.
Impossible, it was a dream and forever I wish to be in my slumber.
But instead of being 'nowhere', we are 'now here'.