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A Warm Smile

Can you understand this feeling just like the way I feel it? Have you ever been there before? Over there where this feeling belongs? Can you see it the way I do? How unusual it is to be where I always wanted to be
There, the sand is whiter the sea is clearer the sky is wider birds singing, palm trees dancing
There, I can paint the colourless rainbow, and a flower that is blooming, and I'll draw a warm smile on your face cause I believe, that tomorrow will always come and if it's not for me it will somehow for them or you.

25 Random Things About Me (as requested ;p)

1. I got the 'Yasu' name from an online says that my Japanese name should be 'Yasu' which means 'calm'... I know, I don't get it either..haha!  Up until now I'm still using the name coz it's unique :)
2.I love the rain verrrrry much!!! Especially when it's raining in the afternoon <3>
3. I secretly terrified of clowns and people with masks..huhu =.=' I feel like smacking them on the face and then run away screaming.. T_T
4.  Give me a book with pictures and I'll be happy to 'read' it for hours and never get tired of it ;) Maybe that's why I love home decor magazines.. hurm O_o
5. Chocolate is not under my 'craving for' list but I'll take the dark one any day.
6.  Cockroaches are meant to be killed... those creepy crawlers!
7.  I think I'm as thin as the skeleton...kwang3 ;p that's why I really need to gain some more weight!
8. To be honest, I don't really know how to handle compliments from p…

Day Moon

I can see the morning moon, so far away, the colourless shade, no one knows, nobody cares, but still, it is there,
and she's just like me, right in front of you, now hear me say; the waiting ship has sailed so now I'm letting you go.

The Hiding Moon~

Can't see the face of the hiding moon wondering if it's a smile or just tears but the night is not so dark nor too bright
The windy night plays its tune and the rhythm filled the air
May this one lives forever.

The Proud Lad~

Words flowing, higher and higher like a melody around you songs that you'll never going to sing path that you'll never going to step on
and they praise your art day and night left and right O blindfolded people can't you see?

Another Story

Once again, when silentness is in the air it dances around me with guilt and questions you left, to another state of your mind left without words I can find
I saw you that day by the time I was invisible only then I realize I've lost my self I've lost my heart and this is another mistake I can't bear
I will be away for now away from you and I'll be writing another story about the next chapter of you and me.

The Dandelion~

This road is not the only road there is
for there are options to be made and to live with;
counting the colours of the rainbow in the sky
when the life itself is not as bright
as it is all black and white
and grey and red;
they dreamed for a pure heart and a perfect soul
though life is not a dream but it's true;
if only I could just walk away
I'd rather depart, I'd rather dream
and that is when I whisper to myself,
take a deep breath...and let it go.

At time like this~

Let's go to the beach and walk along that sandy shore,
let's have a ride on a bicycle in the woods where the crickets sing,
let's get on the swing and go as high as possible; feel the wind,
let's dance under the falling crystal clear rain until it stops,
let's sleep on the porch while looking at the far away stars.

At a time when I can't find the right words to say,
I need my happy thoughts to start it all over again.