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Another love story

On top of a mountain Under a shady tree He was there, waiting for her.
She was a little late that night But the waiting is always fruitful To see his lover, glowing under the stars.
When the morning comes Do they depart And he will meet her again Tonight.
I'll be By my window, Watching When the bird And the moon, meeting.

p/s: picture from Google search

Let it be...

When smiling doesn't seems to be right I'll pause to take a deep breath and think for awhile, I'm here alone.
If it will rain again, then let it be, if the clouds will get darker, then let it be, if the birds will stop singing, then let it be.
And if letting go is the only way, then I'll let it go.

Dear Moon~

At night, I stay awake, thinking;

If only a feeling is like a cloud
then let the wind blow it off,
if only a tear is like a dust
then let the rain wash it away.

Soon, they'll be gone in the morning
leaving me with happiness and smiles
and everything will be just a dream
or maybe, never exist.

Dear moon,
how I wish you are listening right now.

The Counting...

1,2,3...the day that passed me by,
1,2,3...each breath that i take,
1,2,3...the steps to get to you,
1,2,3...days of knowing you,
1,2,3...the distance between us,
1,2,3...minutes left before I go,
1,2,3...reasons for me to stay.

Give me only one good reason
or I'll be counting,
1,2,3...words of goodbye.

A Wishing Pond

A Wishing Pond

Near this wishing pond we met
once upon a time
I thought it was just a dream
but then you pinched me, ouch!
that's when I knew it is real

I still remember
we were all covered up in blankets
in the middle of the room
listening to a ghost story
"woo~ woo~ dead bodies everywhere"
all of us were screaming

We had dinners together
singing under the moon
watching the stars up in the sky
we were there witnessing the night
and before going to bed
everything will be in my diary

Near this wishing pond I stand
reminiscing our story
holding a diary on my right
and a rose on my left
I close my eyes and make a wish
"If yesterday was a dream,
then let it be forever a dream".

There She Goes

What I see hollow
all shouting, shout, shout
go vanish the screaming of a voice
in an open field of a sacred place called 'the home'.

Let the day stay with the sun
chase the dreaming moon away, go, far--
stop crying the gloomiest sky O please, nothing but a smile and the chirping birds.

The story is real,
I am still here,
This life is true.

Humming the riddle

I was mumbling in the rain talking to the moon, that's all I can remember...
It was late at night when I heard foot steps behind me, I just stay... I should've run away but I'm not and I never regret for that until now...
It's still raining outside and I'm humming the riddle.