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Beautiful sadness

Getting lost in the rain; walking barefoot feeling the grass stepping on mudd and puddles of water.
A mess of a broken glass; scattered into pieces like crystals, it shines reflecting lights and colors.
Meaningless words meaningless speech; are voices and sounds a rhythm of one's heart.
How wonderful those things are.
Now, can you see the beauty of sadness the way I do?

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If I am a poet

In my poem I'll write something that speaks for itself in just a word or two with countless meaning endless story hard to explain yet worth a try if only, I'm a poet.

To love a person seems harder to explain unless if one day I become a poet.

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Three Rhythm

The earth, reminds me of people, of happiness, smiles, of nothing but life.
The air, the unspoken message, the unknown, unsure, the state of in between.
The water, filled with sad stories, about the pain, lost, all about the scars.
But instead of telling you this, I'd rather tell you that, it was a candy, a butterfly and a tear.

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Not a Cinderella

I wish for a warm smile when I feel like crying, a long rope or a high stair when I'm about to fall, a rainbow in the sky when the cloud gets dark, a bowl of ice-cream when I'm not in the mood, a friend to talk to when I feel so lonely.
I'm not asking for a miracle to happen, neither a glass slipper nor a prince.
Just an ordinary happiness, that's all I ever wished for.

p/s: written on 12a.m yesterday

In my silence

In my silence I hope you'll understand That I'm never tired of explaining it to make you realize.
It's because I'm running out of words That have same meanings To what explained my feelings about you.


When the light is off,
it shines on me with guilt of reminiscing the past.

Like a mark, it stays.

Unseen, yet it's here.

To walk on this dark lane alone,
sorry but I can't.

Turn the light on.
Turn this life around.

A Blue Rose~

There was a person, a parcel, and a blue rose.
Knowing that I can't explain something quite sad when I'm happy, so I described him, his smile, and his dream this way.

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In three years time

They say all I need is time maybe it's true or maybe I need it a bit more
More time  to sort things out to take it slow to let it go
Been doing this for three years now and in this third year it's either I'll win or I'll lose.

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An Option~

Does it matters if you met strangers everyday? Does it matters if things went wrong sometimes? Does it matters if the newspaper is late again?
How about...
...if it starts raining all day long? ...if the night comes without the moon? ...if this life can never be perfect?
Will you leave this life for all that reasons? Will you stop trying and would rather die? Will you just sit there and do nothing?
It's not a question, it's an option.

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