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In a separate room

In a separate room the moisture of tonight's air filled the glass window and the wall a decent boy was standing there like a statue of melancholy cold and still he spilled the canvas with red colour carved his life with bare hands.

Bye Monkey, Bye

hello monkey, hello a smile for you how do you do? it's always nice to know.
good day monkey, good day i shake your hand and bow again it's always nice to say.
smile monkey, smile the moon is bright with you tonight it's always worth awhile.
good night monkey, good night nothing can compare with the one i care sweet dream monkey, sleep tight.
bye monkey, bye i'll go for now please stay somehow just wait for me, don't cry.

The key~

Holding a key Looking at the far away stars Sketching a tall figure in my head Embracing thousands of thoughts Counting down the time.
A love to give A heart to share A  feeling to keep.

A second to fall for you A year to make you realize A lifetime to forget about you

Will you be mine?

p/s: It's a shape of a keyhole...

Love Like you've never been hurt~

Something to keep me warm at heart...

Love like you’ve never been hurt by Alfred D. Souza Dance like no one’s watching,
Love like you’ve never been hurt,
Sing like nobody’s listening,
Work like you don’t need money,
Live like you’re in heaven on earth,
Assume today is the last day. -- Alfred D. Souza -- 

A short poem like this really has a deep meaningful interpretation and speaks for itself. Words are just words unless we really mean it from the heart and are still just words unless we give our meanings to it. Never mind of that, question is, can we simply living this life the way the poet mentioned...?  :) We'll try.. I'll try. 

So close~

To have come this far I am now so close to you So close, I can nearly see your face Nearly hold your hand Nearly lost in my sweetest dream again
Next to me, I wish you are But all I am now; At my desk writing this poem Hoping that you'll come Knowing that you'll not
I want to get up and run But my heart wont let me I've lost my words I've lost my guts
So close to tell you that "I miss you so" So close, yet so far.

p/s: written on 8/3/2011 (IIUM library)

Can't explain

To explain, I'll shout if I may to explain, useless it'll be to explain, will you listen? to explain, words will you see to explain, time passes by to explain, will it be worth a try? to explain, I'm sorry I can't to explain, I wish I could.
Maybe I don't need to explain you just have to feel it then only you'll know.

I lived behind that wall

I never know how cold would winter be never touch it with my bare hand but somehow can feel it in my heart I built a wall and lived behind it for ten days; seems like a year only a butterfly and a spider in a corner and nothing, no one else but me living behind that wall, I was like a rotten meat and a time that stop only questions breathing without answers dear butterfly, are you leaving?