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Before you leave...

Seems that seasons have passed, wish I could go back to November, don't know what else to say, so I...
rolling my pen back and forth, switching the songs from one to another, staring at the street lights outside, kicking my right foot twice, flipping blank pages of this note book, scratching my forehead wondering what to write next? 'cause now I, lost my words.
But before you leave, I'm swallowing my pride close my eyes take a deep breath to tell you honestly that...
I love you.

What if I told you

What if I told you
a moment is all it takes to meet
a meeting is all it takes to remember
a memory is all it takes to miss

are secrets of my own
short stories of my diary
blessings that I count each day
by day, by time, by distance

What if I told you
it all happened
very fast
and left

Would you believe me?

But what if I told you
a beautiful night rhythm is all it takes
to fall in love

Now would you believe me?

Kissing the falling rain

In a second or two from now I'll be kissing the falling rain; _ _ _

This foolish mind, unknown voices of this very person whom I knew better and the one that I don't a story of this life, my life or yours similarities and differences there are in a tiny amount of happiness a pinch of hardships and tragedies that fades through time even a child would know how a smile could cure his mother's heart though we are now no longer her offspring but these footsteps of ours are still in her counting.
The dark sky above me is not another tears but a blessing and I'll be standing right here waiting for the rain to fall.

p/s: instrumental music by Yiruma (title - kiss the rain)