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Conversations with the past

Should we talk about it in the mid-spring air? will it make any difference or will the thumping heart stop? Should we talk about it tonight? By where the shallow river flows through a landscape filled with flowers will this make it sounds better and will the heart stop aching? Today I am now still having conversations with the past even if it's not during the spring season or by the flowing river.

I Hope Your Love is Always Happy

An instrumental music by By Jun

I hope your love is always happy.
Although you and I have parted,
It must be just that our destinies didn't meet
I hope you'll meet someone nice...
Since you're a really good person, no matter who you're with.
Since you were too good for me..
I hope a love that's worthy of you will find you..
I hope your love is always happy.
Do you know?
You're beautiful when you smile.
I may occasionally cry, because I miss you.
But.. I hope you'll always smile
I hope you'll always be happy.

This lullaby

At a place where a soul is sinking down in his lullaby a place where the birds and the bees meet somewhere on the other side of that far away rainbow where I'll be busy counting the colours when she forgets to wake me up for her desire she went
The dawn has just begun lonely as the night
At a place where the falling rain drops are her tears freezing cold as it touches my face  somewhere on the other side of this dream another day, another time here we'll meet again.