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I'm 'here', for now

My expectation in life is not for it to occur less dramatic than this... cuz I guess, the more dramatic it gets, the better for me to learn things my way... twisted isn't it? Hope yours is less complicated than mine. Here comes another chapter...

I'm going to sing it out loud, for now
and dance along to the melody of my own guitar

I'll read all the poems I wrote to you, for now
and write a new one every second of everyday

I'm not suppose to love you, but I am, for now
until the time when my heart is no longer exist

I want to stay in love this way, for now
for as long as this feeling will last in me.

Royal for a princess

To drink a glass of water at the balcony overlooking the far away sea  while the sun is on its way to settle down
Holding the breath and just watch as it happens.
This is nothing like a dream, this is nothing like a wish, this is how we see the life.
Royal for a princess, ordinary for someone like me.

An old shoebox

A little brown bear with its white ribbon small enough to fit inside a shoebox, a card shaped of a heart written 'dear love' with three dots before the words continue, two wooden key-chains made in China one was a gift to another person  and two diaries pink and red both with no endings or whatsoever.
Not much, the leftovers hidden in an old shoebox
with Japanese font written nicely on a very top of a giant closet there I kept it safe a collection of faded memories untouched and forgotten.

La la song

Those turtle doves dear oh dear one for you and I'll keep one for me for this time around we'll be on a long journey so now start counting the falling snow from above and the wrinkles on your smile
Don't you know? I was there on a swing singing the song staring at your blue shoes floating in the sky jumping over the puffy clouds
just like in fairy tales
although the ends are predictable

Dreaming, I knew I was in between these two realities staircases to my way back home
when the going gets tough
remind me again oh please
that it's gonna be alright
maybe not now, but for tomorrow I'll wait Those turtle doves someday will see each other again by the time the one in your closet and the other pair on my table find their way to get here
Can't explain how, let alone the whys
even so, until then lets sing it another time
this la la song again tonight.