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Just like how a simple melody can make one smile that's just the way how I feel right now, can you draw a single line between life and death? Even if you can't will feeling regret is just enough? I refuse to let it be put it in a vase and keep it lovely, remembering flowers' names like Roses and Lillies and somehow I did for yours too, although slowly someday it will fades away same as what happened to pen marks on my palm.
I may count this one as lovely but there's other thing that I think is so too the very one a heart would keep lovely as it is and so do you.

Will it be the same

If I stay for another second, will it still be the same? If I can set it free why can't I just walk away now
What else to write about, should I wait for another day? Will this feeling be the same or no longer stay?
If I catch the wind, will time stop and wait for me?

Time flies

In one sitting I'll write thousands of words little did I know that those words are rhythm to my heart colors to my memories but it means nothing, probably nothing at all to another person next to me
In one sitting, just one I'll write sentence by sentence little did I know that today I'll become a poet a writer in my own way although still it means nothing probably nothing at all to another person next to me
Time do flies should I fly along with her then..?