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Sound of silence music

Closing the doors behind me just like you said, finding silence is impossible there will always be noises of voices within you a whisper after another... after another... after another walking barefoot with faded happiness not minding the thorns and the broken stones so afraid to say a word and would rather die than saying goodbyes
Those doors were left open uncounted days and nights have passed in a stranger's land where nobody knows trying to remember all the forgottens that are slowly departing away as time goes by the only memory that I now have is the unclear sound of silence music.

Painting a smile and the future

Grab a paint brush stand right infront of an empty canvas with a stack of ruined paintings on the side all messed up the first time it's over but it's starting again, uncounted
What is it going to be this time..? A smile or the future..? A simple note on that tiny table 'love and hope' pick it up stick it on the wall and have a last look at it "I have a good feeling about this"

There's a rainbow in her smile

They say a tough guy shouldn't cry;
Someone left a card written 'congratulations' on the front cover alone in a quiet room, with confetti all over the place he was there crying his heart out last night
There's a rainbow in her smile, and that is priceless to him
But there's another life outside, white flowers blooming under the bright round moon while crickets singing happily together
This is life.

A flower with deep roots

I'm not crying anymore, no I'm not even if I am now, I'll stop and wipe the tears away even if I have to, or the dry wind force me to I'll pause and take a deep breath and will not let it flow will hurt even more if I do
I'll be a flower instead with deep roots on a wide field of grass and the only tears that I know will come down from the sky and not from my eyes.

Awake for nothing

I just leave the phone there then it stopped ringing, the cloud is so dark outside, I can barely hear the sound of water dripping on the floor from  my window
Suddenly it started ringing again, I let it there startle for awhile before picking it up not to answer the call but to hit the reject button
There's no name on the list only numbers the one that I memorized
It's three in the morning still awake only for this.

Writing my heart away like this

Writing my heart away like this humming the melody along with the sound of your old white guitar sitting on a table dreaming away like this to another world another angle from where I look at as I close my eyes listening to your boring story of yesterday's weather news I said nothing, only laughing spending away the whole day like this ending it with a cup of tea and a diary to write on simply like this.

Edward Gray by Tennyson

Some highlighted points from the poem;
"Shy she was, and I thought her cold; Thought her proud, and fled over the sea; Fill'd I was with folly and spite, When Ellen Adair was dying for me. "Cruel, cruel the words I said! Cruelly came they back to-day: 'You're too slight and fickle,' I said, 'To trouble the heart of Edward Gray'. "There I put my face in the grass-- Whisper'd, 'Listen to my despair: I repent me of all I did: Speak a little, Ellen Adair!' "Then I took a pencil, and wrote On the mossy stone, as I lay, 'Here lies the body of Ellen Adair; And here the heart of Edward Gray!' "Bitterly wept I over the stone: Bitterly weeping I turn'd away; There lies the body of Ellen Adair! And there the heart of Edward Gray!"

To have a life like this

A treasure box hidden under a tree is so valuable for one soul unfortunately not for another
Looking for the sun late at night maybe the moon is not enough to continue living a life like this, like now
To just sitting here waiting for nobody reminiscing those days may bring tears or smile still, bittersweet memories stay somehow
If it's only for a few months or a few days or a few seconds it doesn't matter to have a life is more precious than having a world
When someone should be forgotten, then it should be

To have a life like this,
then forgive me.

Words are all I have

There are times when I thought I was invisible but I'm not, looking back at it realize that I'm chained to the past, no waves nor wind could set me free, one more, I told my self let me have it one more of those heart breaking days, so that another page of my diary is filled up with words, just words
That's all I need, and it's all I have.