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To look at the moon

Out of thousands of stars out there
why is that moon so appealing to me
standing from here looking at it
as if it is reachable by hand

I'm just looking from far
would it be fine if I just look?
To look at the bright moon
the brightly shining moon
without wanting to reach it
without wanting to keep it
just standing here looking
from far, I'm just looking
would it be fine if I just look?

Life like a painted wall

To end a life like a painted wall
white as it was then
to now has become a mural
for each passing soul after another
walking in reverse as their heart went
as also how their mind goes
and go though are facing ahead
in denial of secrets and lies
with eyes closed of probable depressed
hiding what thought's convey
or glancing a little after a step away
where possibilities have no ends
life itself has more to offer
to rebuild or lost all the dreams
words are powerless of changing the whole
so voiced a heart in any way possible
but let the old wall forever be white.

Sweet little lie

Pale life and gray colourless days sleepless nights stretch of imagination can't hide sweet little lie "life is perfect" absurd for truth hope grows tiny dew of evening replace the old fill up this soon to be  perfect world.

Right before the storm

Unless the storm can wash away the past this isn't worth a wait, not another second
looking up, the sky is all dark clouds
only a message left before this chapter ends
though unspoken, don't hold a sentence untell

To have come this far, giving up was an option
but I'm here, then I'm not
without chances, how can one keep breathing
but I'm here, then I am

The waiting of tomorrow leaves us no joy
somehow we've lost it along the way
should've read those signs
shouldn't have said that line just walking towards you in the sea of people
towards another misery that life may bring
I want to stop walking, if only I could
but I'm not being my self then if really I did

In the centre of where my heart should be  there, where I should be with a memory that lasts no one really knows if now it's over
just keep on believing that it is.

Numbers can't make me grow

Sorry sorry keep you waiting outside my window it's raining raining down it's pouring no hand can stop it call my name one more time or I'll forget about you time is ticking, days are watching us drifting away from yesterday
Can I be the sticker on your closet? I'll do nothing but writing my own story
I'm still young and numbers can't make me grow now is not the only moment for I have plenty more promises of tomorrow are up there floating randomly undiscovered lies will keep on pretending so listen; life is new to me, my world may not be yours just rub off those dotted lines so millions can be one I'd rather walk than running without directions what am I running from is definitely a good question
Time may grow old on you but not me when night is leaving, I want to still be young.

One thought after another

why is it so cold tonight? i should have told him the right thing earlier this story will no longer be the same, is it raining over there by now? it is pouring over here but so quiet inside, where is my black cat at time like this i forgot to feed him dinner and so he left, what will this life be if all the paintings are blue? i remember hanging mine on the wall perfect is not the right choice of word, maybe i should use white instead.
why is it so cold here?

Love you like a love song

In love, a heart is as pure, as fragile, as beautiful as the blue sky as the evening rain touches the skin if only there's a more decent way to describe this unfold this sign, the unread message the same song that goes on and on playing through my head repeatedly every beautiful thought has been written every road of this journey has been marked beautifully aligned, beautifully spread ahead to the symphony of sentimental, poetical, lyrical and anything that rhymes with 'magical' or 'not real'
Is it so difficult to see between the obvious black and white?

Firefly fly away

why am I so, drawn to you
you and I have nothing new, to tell

Dear firefly, why am I
can't take my eyes away from you
thought that I can be just like you
lighting up the nights I've went through

Lovely firefly, don't deny
that I am nothing but a dream around you
wishing for a life beside you
gone and disappear and blown away, so afraid
to leave you
please take me along with you.

Dreams are..

Like mirrors dreams are
left scattered, the broken ones
into pieces, with hundreds of 'me'
into dust, until no eyes can see
silently, it kills the only heart
leaving behind the reflections of
yesterdays memories, unbearable
so long as eyes can see, it remains
so far as one can run, it's there
like scars, like shadows
like the dark sky in my world
it is above me
and above another dream I built.

Don't wake me up

If I am still sleeping, please don't wake me up please don't breathe a word even if you are there in this counting of days, please leave though the darkness of this room suffocating me with or without a mask you'll probably won't notice me tell them that yesterdays never exist and that the one you knew is no more alive like the dying roses, may those memories be let the dried petals fall gracefully leaving us no scent
Before this long cold night is over if I open my eyes in the middle of it would I be able to sleep again..?

I have forgotten

Last night's wind still linger a cold morning and the sun is hiding, again " I have forgotten" is a lie I'm living in a shelter to a strong soul yet I'm not to a lovely sound, I'll close my eyes and smile I'd rather stay here than in your warm presence and tell you another lie "I have forgotten" don't ask me when, how or why I couldn't answer that, for it's only a lie a blunder of clumsiness chokes me as I say it in a whisper of a shaking voice though you'll notice that I fake it but if , just if you should seek me I would probably tell you "I have forgotten".