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I might be fine

I might be fine, I might be my mind tell me so, I might be fine, today you've taught me how, to be fine or maybe it's just on my mind, today days may forget me, life may leave me but all I'm going to be is fine, and I will be fine, just fine, feel fine, yes I can I'll be fine today I want to let you know, that I will for hundred years in this fine, be mine watch me, as I feel free and just be fine

Emily and The Woods - Steal His Heart

I'll cherish that moment

Sometimes I can't help my self  from hiding don't you know? To be invisible is not a trick I can do
Sometimes I can't run towards the exit no matter how hard I've tried facing the arch by the time I'm writing this
Sometimes I want to be the rain instead of to stare at the sky, waiting I'm not doing it anymore
Sometimes all I need is to just being me
Smiling in a sleep after a long night of sadness I'll cherish that moment till the end of time.

I've wrote them all

It was a nightmare with a few details and a blurred vision words come to mind not well formed but scattered
why is it so true and make sense inside yet like a fool it sounds to explain those words from a dream or a nightmare as you call it whether to die for or to live for a question to ponder upon, merely arts those words are abstract with infinite meanings and so let them be.
I've wrote them all and will write them all again.

In search of a lost time

It takes a month of non-stop rainy days
twenty nine cups of white coffee
eleven boxes of dark chocolate
and two plain handkerchiefs to get me here;

Singing as I was catching a few smiles
hiding in between sweet dreams and happy thoughts
when a single 'fine' keeps my world go 'round
to a complex question of 'how are you?'
Blank sheets of nothing much
to write about or to draw about
were left crumbled all over the floor
when 'today's weather report', if any
sounds better in the newspaper

The time when I
was not me but someone else
right when he was
nothing more than a nobody

Rewind, reset... forget.

Knowing you is...

It was a mistake

If night is always like this
even breathing feels so wrong
and silent itself makes no difference
and of all noises there are
why can I only hear your voice
creating a mental image of you of which fake happiness awaits me

I'm not this person
this is not how I usually am

If knowing's a mistake, pardon me, I don't want to
Since to know is just a big mistake
please, take them all away.

Just for this once

I wish I could walk alone at the beach tonight
where the moon is
though the world will be there too staring
I'll be fine wrapping my self with both hands
and serenity is the only music playing
I won't say a word, not even to my self
for this once, I'll just listen
the waves, the wind, the birds, the entire night
maybe I should start looking at the world
then only it won't be staring at me anymore
but for this very special moment
I'll give it an excuse for now

At times like this
can I just
disappear for a while...?

Haven't noticed... yet

I'm sorry, keep you waiting we never met, I never talked to you
I'm sorry, to not knowing you you never there when I wish upon a star and I, all I need is time
I haven't noticed you the one I thought I knew the time you're here, or disappear in my head and even if you see me from your dream and you believe me in this life I can't be there, I can't be there
It's life, like this it's love, like this if we are meant to be, and it's our destiny just have to wait and see
It's life, like this it's love, like this the reason thing's this way 'cause I haven't noticed you... yet.

p/s: another song that I wrote