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Moi et vous

Parlez-moi devous, votre vieet votre amant-- qui a été écritcomme un romand'épaisseur,
dis-moi tout, maisl'avenir, car il estvague etinvisible,je sais, cette histoires'est terminéepour moiet vous, donc jevous écrisceci pourcontinuer  les siens.

p/s: I don't know if this sounds right in French but I purposely wrote it this way so the message will not appear to be that obvious ;p

Fragile sometimes

Words refuse to form into sentence
on its own, the whole thing remain still
but the ticking continues breaking the silence
twenty-six minutes after eleven

I may be fragile sometimes--
you know me well enough
I'm a shield of my own weakness--
I won't let you see it though
shadows will you find if it's me you're looking for

I'm stepping on my fears--
though I may be fragile sometimes.