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A Greek Ode

I can write
millions of words and
still no soul
not one finest creation of God
reads me the way I do

I can be
each of those words and
still no eye
not one heartful glimpse of angel
see me the way I do

They were looking,
but weren't really see

I'm not a poet
of that I'm sure,
no changes made when
a Greek Ode hand you no pleasure.

In her elegant parlour

As I sat down in her elegant parlour for an afternoon tea, I asked Miss Lilly "what's next? Another excuse?"
Her world is a total different than the actual one I'm in, words that are literature to her are complex questions to me.
Someone's at the door but she left it unanswered.
Looking at the time it's already late, placing the book on my side hoping that Miss Lilly will be fine.