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Growing a mushroom

I'm growing a mushroom with polka dots pink and blue outside the door, under the key far from the giant-size willow tree
I'll make it grow with water and snow and lots of sunny day shines with rainbow
But it's only a mushroom what else can I do? No person nor soul, still can ever own you.

Sweaty palms

I can tell that sweaty palms
mean something's on his mind
or nothing, nothing at all
but I did, I did fall
just be cool don't be a fool

You've got sweaty palms
deciding drum or drums
mumble and stumble not humble pointing there over nothing
or something, but I don't get it
forget it, don't be a fool
just be cool, I knew it
that sweaty palms of yours
"never mind, I really am fine"
it's what she said
but I don't believe it don't be fooled by it
take a look
at that sweaty palms

Give me your sweaty palms and let me count the lines.

Person in extinction

One can only be, be only oneself
Only can be, one only can
Can be one only, only be one
Can only be oneself, no other but one
Just one and no one else

Be just one;
"don't change your hair.."

Only be one;
"take off those preppy clothes.."

No other one:
"walk straight in this line.."
"Why can I be me!"
 ** They told you many times
"Make oneself a person"
instead of being a full time
feline with no other reason.

Nothing but thee

She's sick
I'm sick of her
Twisting into one
Those dreams beside her
It's crazy--
and she's wearing it
I'm crazy--
and I'm running with her

This left, that right, I own none but thee
This song, that night, just set them all free

Smile along, sing along, pray along
for 'now' my friend--
will not be staying too long.

Lyre, Lyric, Lonesome

Open window, shredded wall newspapers dated night and rainfall
Rusty harmonica, lyre that fails rough hands with marks and peeled finger nails
A singer in her room a writer on his bed home filled with wires of red and red
Old house, a studio, a place to sit sweet melody, beautiful voice, and a lyric to read.