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Life at the front row

Remind me when I'm not who I am;
away from my head
lost in the midst of time

Remind me again when I'm green
or deep red, blue or fading like old white

For reality stands in a front row
when it's hard to be left alone--
and harder it is to move on.

My prince in shining armor

My prince in shining armor
is a gentleman with a weird accent,
not too tall, not too short
got a full marks right out of ten

My prince in shining armor
own a very beautiful smile,
blue shoes or brown bag
colours went grey in the meanwhile

My prince in shining armor
is actually not a prince at all,
without a crown, without a cape
it's not so hard for me to recall

Late at night, there he'll be
sitting quietly at his study
wearing his glasses, doing his paper that's my prince in shining armor.

I Still Wonder by Carly Rae Jepsen

"...I still wonder what it is  I met you for."

I know her story

I can't remember
when was the last time I meet her
or rather, seen her;
By now mind starts forming an image of a girl
totally different from how I suppose-- she is today
or perhaps-- better than she was before--
I can't decide

I know her story years ago but-- kind of weary
for a heart to deal with-- twice the sorry
but I know her aren't I? So I feel the dreary

mind starts drawing her face and beauties
in details-- her freckles, scars, bruises and other
in a fussy recollection of faded memories
so far-- as I can gather

I still remember her-- or was I?
If only there's an answer--
before she left-- and deny.

Unsent letter

I'm going away my love,
right now just writing you this letter
and I'll be away my love,
for fourteen days or a hundred years--
though it doesn't even matter

until then...

night and day will never be the same again
please come again
start everything all over again
tell me your first name again
be my friend just once again

Wave me goodbye from far my love.

Just as I thought it would be over

Just as I thought it would be over
night has gave me another sweet dream
and a thief stealing the air that I breathe
again, I'm wearing this smile he gave me
this cold that wraps me until the sun touches me
slowly I open my eyes

This house reminds me of dust, gold, sculptures
a love-like figure in the middle
and you

I paint, but never believe in any
paintings are tales and tales are lies
and those lies hang perfectly on the wall

Just as I thought it would be over
night has gave me another hope.

You are wonderful

Wonderful, it makes me smile Wonderful, as time goes by Wonderful, the day it started Wonderful, until now I feel it
Wonderful, I sing it every now and then Wonderful, when I question my self again
Wonderful, you are to me Wonderful, forever you'll be.