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I'm not worthy

I was on my way out and now I'm almost there;
I won't tell you everything or my something will be nothing.
I feel sorry for you yet I'm not wise enough to help.
I can say millions of words but I have reasons not to.
I am not normal and so I belong with those who aren't.
I regret falling in love though I'm glad I did and now I'm numb.
I tend to get tangled in my own words and I never win a game.
I know what others don't and same goes to the other way around.
I have feelings and I know you do too.

Read me,
between the lines.

Desirable present

In a company of a desirable present I shall let thee live for a hundred years if ever I'm brave and noble enough to live that long
Thee whom beauty is far greater than  words can describe; by eyes if one is blind, by heart if one can see
I shall let thee live forever in this sanctuary, for I'm not a killer and neither will I but a servant to foolishness oh my!