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Keeping a butterfly

When things turned grey
remember to turn around;
remember that scratches won't turned into scars
in just a minute,
remember even it was long time ago
everything stays in yesterday,
remember that now is just another more day
after then,
remember this, but make it short
shorter than a decade
for it is too long to wait and
names would fall off or slipped away
from a mind full of unsorted tragedies.

Remember if we missed a day
that can be 'a month' or 'a year ago',
no need for an accurate calculation,
because all that matters--
is an item on the list checked "lesson learned". But if you still lost track of time then
try keeping a butterfly.

When things turned grey
remember to turn this life around.

The colour of happiness

Happiness... is an apple we buy from a poor child live across the street. The moon we found hiding behind the cloudy dark sky after a long hour of waiting. Sometimes it is the burned porridge that mom's cooked, or it can be the present we received, sent to us from an old friend.
Some find it through the hardship and sweat-- and some, effortless.
Happiness is not what we draw everyday-- still, the colours; day by day, line after line, will stay permanently and can be seen each time we smile.

I like the rain

I can't be the hero of my own story, someone else will fit well for that character, not me. I can't write another new one either; sometimes I did, but that doesn't count. This is the only true one I have, and I'm keeping it, every last bitterness there is.
If I am to start writing a new one, from where should I begin? I graduated from the second chapter long time ago-- maybe I'm on my eleventh now, and I believe, those chapters are still the début of many, and many more to come.
I'm not a loner anymore, contentment... I guess that's the most idéal word of all.