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Water the Lilies

The famous big ol' moon once said to me;
Care not what bothers you,
worries and hatred dust them away,
cry not, times that leave you,
leave them tears to the crow's
mourners under a dead tree
in veils of black and flowers.

Early morning,
water the Lilies.
daydream some more.

The last photo

The other day was something else, alive as we are now, but breathless The next thing they'll ask is where do I go from here? Suddenly the whispering wind sounds louder, louder than exhaling its same form
It's not enough to just watch, I wish I could catch it and keep it to be my own alive-breathless Unlike capturing the blank ceiling, dying and live believing that sadistic definition of life Let it be someone else, whose befriended nights and excuses
It's seldom dark over here, only cloudy.

A glimpse of heaven

A smile that is brighter Than the morning sunshine When a heart is out looking For its missing piece
Another soul has left its owner To go on a journey In search of another Lonely soul
A glimpse of heaven... Just another step away From the destination
But I'll be there When the time is right.