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Can't write a song

I can't write a song from my words they're deficient in wisdom in chains of unpleasant feelings resounding from night to night; to wake up in one, to sleep in another Blossomy days will wither on its place nothing but impermanent scents, frozen times cracking its way out slowly losing strength as it went, and one more lie will complete this story before it starts to rain again.

All the things you never knew by Wang Lee Hom

How many times does a butterfly blink
Before it learns to fly?
The sky is sprinkled over with countless stars
But how many there will remain?
Even as I fly, you fall
So close I can hear you breathe
So sorry I didn’t keep hold of you

You don’t know why I had to leave you
How could I ignore your every cry
All the while the downpour of your tears shattering the ground
So clearly pierced my heart
You don’t know why I had to keep away
Circling in the sky above, just out of sight
So many are the things you never knew.

-Wang Lee Hom-