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The moon and I are not in love

It feels better to read than to write for I have nothing else to tell neither mine nor yours. It's true, the tale of you're not coming back and what a spoonful of sweetness could do to mend a broken heart. Like mine does.
We're not in love, I wish we're not.
I don't like it here any more. For the night is the reason I'm waiting. It's true. When it falls, sometimes you are-- disappear, and what it does to me is hurting.
What's done is done,
and I don't like it here any more. Just take a picture of how you feel that night. There is no way we are in love and you might never get this chance again.

The feeling of being alone

To be different do you know how that feels like? As if the whole world is hating me. The way they look at me, treat me. As if I leave a mistake, in every step I made. Can a person look very kind even from the back?
If I die, and my whole life die with me will they be happy? But if I'm not, and live my life pretending will you be happy?
Sometimes, even the night leaves me no comfort. Maybe to be just me is never enough. Or, is it because we are just-- lonely?

It has been written

"What should one do--      if one should do what one should have?"
I would say;      one should do nothing for that,      but to move on for the meeting of tomorrow.
It's not destined then.
Unless--      I have made my decision.

Of how differently you call me by my name

I want to write something about you, anything at all, if any, about you. So I keep staring at this blank white page, trying to remember everything about you, anything at all, if any, about you.
Maybe if I try hard enough, I might see your face, the shirt you wear when we first met, the way you move your hands when you speak, how your right hand nails longer than the other, and when you walk alone behind me. But I can't remember all that clearly when now a melody sounds like a memory.
I do remember one thing though. Something that I can't write it down, or draw it in precise, but I remember it clearly-- of how differently you call me by my name.

To live is a habit

Everything after that was a blur.
I live
it's a habit.

The next day after a long winter,
I met you.
It's another reason
for me
to keep living in my past.

What is in the box..?

What is in the box,
Who are these two people
and how do they know each other..?

Where have they been..?
Where are they going..?
Are they from and going separate ways..?

How long have they known each other..?
Where did they meet, how did they meet
And why can't they be together..?

What is in the box
Can someone please tell me that..?
Should I keep asking, should I wait here
Or should I steal it away instead..?

Can I not cry..?

Can I not cry..?
Even when I'm breaking,
can I just sit here quietly..?
Can I not cry..?
Even there are reasons to,
can the rain be my excuse tonight..?

Can I just hold on to this thought..?
The thoughts of you and yesterdays,
can I keep them and make them mine..?

Can I touch your heart..?
Even if it's only in my dream,
can you hold me close tonight..?

Can I not cry tonight..?
The rain outside is louder,
so much louder than the sound of my breathing.

The silent ocean

Where the land ends the sea begins, that's just how this life is. Of so many miracles God has created, I always adore the silent ocean.
Let us live just like this, everyday.. quietly.. deeply..
Embracing these tired shoulders. Comfort each other with warm love.

Sharing a song by Goo Hye Sun

It's you by Goo Hye Sun

I may see you tomorrow

Like a fool I'm writing this
to make it obvious behind the thickness.
If only someone would read me
I'd be thankful if that someone is you.

Like a fool I smiled for you
holding in the tear I know I shouldn't.
If only the night is not this cold
I'd be wrapping my arms around you now.

I may see you tomorrow..
I may see you tomorrow..

I'm a liar in front of love

Hatred, I have lost that long time ago
embracing this unpromising kindness,
and I keep going
where I'm going

Every time I find something beautiful
I'm reminded of how I can't change,
so I keep going
where I'm going

I'm a liar in front of you
I have lost the real me
I want to be selfish from now on
but unfortunately I'm not that strong

Until one day you will notice me
until one day I will have to stop
until one day the dawn reappear
to end this long sleepless night.

Just like breathing

I wonder,
what my face looks like when she smile..
when she cry..
when she's trying to lift this world up on her fragile hope..
when there is no more hope..
when she's upset worthlessly..
when out of the blue she's happy..
when she's looking at the one she love,
when the one she love is too many..
when she's mad, when she's sad,
when was the last time I saw her like that..?

I wonder in my slumber,
the same thing about you too dear,
whether you're far or so close to me here,
just like breathing, I'll keep you near.

Road to heaven

A question, after another, has found its answer and I don't need another one, for now it is enough. This moment, this emptiness, has been replaced and emptiness is no longer staying, for now I have you.
Sometimes I wish I could, steal every smile of yours those are the happiness, you secretly tell me. Sometimes I wish I could, pause every moment with you those are the reality, I hope for in my dreams.
But since tomorrow is, far ahead, scattered I can't read another story, and have just, one more question. And since tomorrow is, out of, our reach Let this carefully aligned, for love is, a fine road to heaven.

Should I say sorry or goodbye..?

I'm sorry.. I've been letting you down and I leave you. I leave you, after the night of being a thief, stealing away what's mine you once had. Sorry that I leave, too soon and unsaid, too much of waiting and questioning, I was drowning, in a sea of thoughts. My thoughts, of you, and so many things. So tell me, that you will forgive me somehow.
Goodbye for now.. For the one who is leaving, I wave you goodbye. I'll wave yesterdays goodbye too, just like you. I wish we never met, wish you never leave, but wish is just a wish and it leaves me empty. Eventually tears will fall, hearts will break, but life will still go on just like it used to be. So tell me, that you will going to stay somehow.
Anyone, just anyone at all can fall and fail, and hurt the one they love. Anyone, anyone you think of can act differently in front of the one they care.

Collecting trash-sure.

I'm walking down the beach for a second Collecting seashells, precious stones and all Taking pictures, capturing the moment Writing lyrics and notes for the journal.
It has been in the past for a while, and though I can't really get the picture-- I smile. It's full and painted now; my treasure chest, when all this time, all they are-- but a mess.
I keep sleeping just to keep dreaming, I keep re-living just to keep believing, but to keep all that was a false notion, so I'm throwing them back to the ocean.

I will close my eyes

When you can't see me anymore,
just remember that I was once there,
in your eyes, or in your imagination.

When you can't see me anymore,
remember that I always have you here,
in my heart, or in my imagination.

I will build a wall, to never get torn again,
I will close my eyes, to never see you again.

I'm with you, each time you think of me,
and you're here, as long as I want you to.

Last night, the wind blows

Last night, the wind blows. Can't count the stars and the moon is leaving or hiding, or maybe just running away from me.
Last night, the wind blows. To sleep seems hopeless and tiresome and to dream; again I can't afford it finely.
A week may go, a year may so, three years are as long as I can take the flow-- before I set them rest in peace. Will love die after years and this..? Doubtless I possess you, in a world I cannot be, there, slow and lazy the river's flowing. As my heart become lesser and lesser for thee, just like the moon, mine is now leaving.

It was you

The flower
the butterfly
the brown bag
was you.
The monkey
the firefly
the blue shoes
was you.

Those nights and days
even the songs
was you,
a statue in a room
and that someone
was you.

The moon was you,
the rain was you,
the rhythm that I sang at night was you.
The friend was you,
the stranger was you,
and the person within my heart was also you.

I'm tiny in your mind

I'm tiny in your present so tiny I can't speak, I'm tiny in your absent so tiny I feel weak.
I'm tiny in your mind, in the sky, on this world. So tiny you can't find, hiding shy, lost her marble.
I'm tiny, it's hard to think so tiny and that's not fine,
it's painted, with red and pink,
it's a madness of this very kind.

Falling free

Patterns all arranged Letters were all sent And it has been found wandering around
Water dripping from the tap Windows unopened but the bird's outside And the chirping bird keeps singing absurd
The sun refuse to rise The moon won't fall tonight And the only one falling...

... free...

              ... is...

.. me.

Hear you me

If only the chance is this one I have
or would this be my last,
should I then grab it by the hand
or would that hand be mine again?
Awake or asleep those dreams are equals
and this heart's my only dismay,
I live it once to write it in sequels
and to wish that this time you'll stay.

Like a lost child

Like a lost child, I'm walking in circle along with the wind my heart beats rapidly in unison. It makes sense now, those love songs and to hide my lover between illogical and sanity. Night has brought me another reason for this I can't fall asleep for another dream, I'd rather awake, in reality, on which I can pin my hopes to.
Like a lost child, I keep stepping on my own prints along with the rain my heart beats rapidly in unison. It makes sense now, those late calls and to steal back my heart that you have stole. When morning's first light appeared I leave you, with everything I felt unsaid. Just like this, I wrote you another love poem.

They don't know

You see that someone on your way and you lie of the thing that you may say somehow all got tangled up in mind to see her when she's walking from behind
You barely catch a glimpse of her and you tell me how strange this world could be it's getting old and the story will soon left to left me home, alone, but I'm not lonely
Strangers, they don't know who I am I'm not alone Strangers, I'm just talking to my self and I'm not alone.

I love you... Dad

Now words, aren't worthy enough-- of sharing, the meaning, this feeling I own..
Until the sky is fading right before my eyes, let it last, let this linger, let him stay..
Now I have you.. everywhere I go, from now I'll keep you, for the chase of tomorrow, if ever tomorrow, will come for us, then for us I'll wait, until we meet again.

****I love you.. Dad****


Play me your songs each time I miss you,
when the rain is gone and the last drop--
was from a little flower near you,
after a cup of coffee and a slice of tiramisu,
play them again, till I miss you,
when the rain's gone and the last drop--
fell on you,
when you can't sing them for me
and would rather die if you do?
Just play them again will you,
till I miss you.

A little something

Was about to write; Somewhere, far inside my wildest imagination, I already did.
A little something that goes...
"fragile was a girl whom I use to know a lady now, a candy darling no more, I remember when she-- waking up in the middle of a non-starry night; thumping heart.. racing is someone around..? nothing clichés moon and hope, even the trees, are all.. fading thought she'll end up suffocating, but there is-- nothing to shed tears about, a melostory has no ending, never not without doubts."
Sometimes I can't write; somewhere, far from my weirdest imagination, I wonder, why I did.