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Play me your songs each time I miss you,
when the rain is gone and the last drop--
was from a little flower near you,
after a cup of coffee and a slice of tiramisu,
play them again, till I miss you,
when the rain's gone and the last drop--
fell on you,
when you can't sing them for me
and would rather die if you do?
Just play them again will you,
till I miss you.

A little something

Was about to write; Somewhere, far inside my wildest imagination, I already did.
A little something that goes...
"fragile was a girl whom I use to know a lady now, a candy darling no more, I remember when she-- waking up in the middle of a non-starry night; thumping heart.. racing is someone around..? nothing clichés moon and hope, even the trees, are all.. fading thought she'll end up suffocating, but there is-- nothing to shed tears about, a melostory has no ending, never not without doubts."
Sometimes I can't write; somewhere, far from my weirdest imagination, I wonder, why I did.