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They don't know

You see that someone on your way and you lie of the thing that you may say somehow all got tangled up in mind to see her when she's walking from behind
You barely catch a glimpse of her and you tell me how strange this world could be it's getting old and the story will soon left to left me home, alone, but I'm not lonely
Strangers, they don't know who I am I'm not alone Strangers, I'm just talking to my self and I'm not alone.

I love you... Dad

Now words, aren't worthy enough-- of sharing, the meaning, this feeling I own..
Until the sky is fading right before my eyes, let it last, let this linger, let him stay..
Now I have you.. everywhere I go, from now I'll keep you, for the chase of tomorrow, if ever tomorrow, will come for us, then for us I'll wait, until we meet again.

****I love you.. Dad****