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It was you

The flower
the butterfly
the brown bag
was you.
The monkey
the firefly
the blue shoes
was you.

Those nights and days
even the songs
was you,
a statue in a room
and that someone
was you.

The moon was you,
the rain was you,
the rhythm that I sang at night was you.
The friend was you,
the stranger was you,
and the person within my heart was also you.

I'm tiny in your mind

I'm tiny in your present so tiny I can't speak, I'm tiny in your absent so tiny I feel weak.
I'm tiny in your mind, in the sky, on this world. So tiny you can't find, hiding shy, lost her marble.
I'm tiny, it's hard to think so tiny and that's not fine,
it's painted, with red and pink,
it's a madness of this very kind.

Falling free

Patterns all arranged Letters were all sent And it has been found wandering around
Water dripping from the tap Windows unopened but the bird's outside And the chirping bird keeps singing absurd
The sun refuse to rise The moon won't fall tonight And the only one falling...

... free...

              ... is...

.. me.

Hear you me

If only the chance is this one I have
or would this be my last,
should I then grab it by the hand
or would that hand be mine again?
Awake or asleep those dreams are equals
and this heart's my only dismay,
I live it once to write it in sequels
and to wish that this time you'll stay.

Like a lost child

Like a lost child, I'm walking in circle along with the wind my heart beats rapidly in unison. It makes sense now, those love songs and to hide my lover between illogical and sanity. Night has brought me another reason for this I can't fall asleep for another dream, I'd rather awake, in reality, on which I can pin my hopes to.
Like a lost child, I keep stepping on my own prints along with the rain my heart beats rapidly in unison. It makes sense now, those late calls and to steal back my heart that you have stole. When morning's first light appeared I leave you, with everything I felt unsaid. Just like this, I wrote you another love poem.