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Collecting trash-sure.

I'm walking down the beach for a second Collecting seashells, precious stones and all Taking pictures, capturing the moment Writing lyrics and notes for the journal.
It has been in the past for a while, and though I can't really get the picture-- I smile. It's full and painted now; my treasure chest, when all this time, all they are-- but a mess.
I keep sleeping just to keep dreaming, I keep re-living just to keep believing, but to keep all that was a false notion, so I'm throwing them back to the ocean.

I will close my eyes

When you can't see me anymore,
just remember that I was once there,
in your eyes, or in your imagination.

When you can't see me anymore,
remember that I always have you here,
in my heart, or in my imagination.

I will build a wall, to never get torn again,
I will close my eyes, to never see you again.

I'm with you, each time you think of me,
and you're here, as long as I want you to.

Last night, the wind blows

Last night, the wind blows. Can't count the stars and the moon is leaving or hiding, or maybe just running away from me.
Last night, the wind blows. To sleep seems hopeless and tiresome and to dream; again I can't afford it finely.
A week may go, a year may so, three years are as long as I can take the flow-- before I set them rest in peace. Will love die after years and this..? Doubtless I possess you, in a world I cannot be, there, slow and lazy the river's flowing. As my heart become lesser and lesser for thee, just like the moon, mine is now leaving.