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Just like breathing

I wonder,
what my face looks like when she smile..
when she cry..
when she's trying to lift this world up on her fragile hope..
when there is no more hope..
when she's upset worthlessly..
when out of the blue she's happy..
when she's looking at the one she love,
when the one she love is too many..
when she's mad, when she's sad,
when was the last time I saw her like that..?

I wonder in my slumber,
the same thing about you too dear,
whether you're far or so close to me here,
just like breathing, I'll keep you near.

Road to heaven

A question, after another, has found its answer and I don't need another one, for now it is enough. This moment, this emptiness, has been replaced and emptiness is no longer staying, for now I have you.
Sometimes I wish I could, steal every smile of yours those are the happiness, you secretly tell me. Sometimes I wish I could, pause every moment with you those are the reality, I hope for in my dreams.
But since tomorrow is, far ahead, scattered I can't read another story, and have just, one more question. And since tomorrow is, out of, our reach Let this carefully aligned, for love is, a fine road to heaven.

Should I say sorry or goodbye..?

I'm sorry.. I've been letting you down and I leave you. I leave you, after the night of being a thief, stealing away what's mine you once had. Sorry that I leave, too soon and unsaid, too much of waiting and questioning, I was drowning, in a sea of thoughts. My thoughts, of you, and so many things. So tell me, that you will forgive me somehow.
Goodbye for now.. For the one who is leaving, I wave you goodbye. I'll wave yesterdays goodbye too, just like you. I wish we never met, wish you never leave, but wish is just a wish and it leaves me empty. Eventually tears will fall, hearts will break, but life will still go on just like it used to be. So tell me, that you will going to stay somehow.
Anyone, just anyone at all can fall and fail, and hurt the one they love. Anyone, anyone you think of can act differently in front of the one they care.