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The silent ocean

Where the land ends the sea begins, that's just how this life is. Of so many miracles God has created, I always adore the silent ocean.
Let us live just like this, everyday.. quietly.. deeply..
Embracing these tired shoulders. Comfort each other with warm love.

Sharing a song by Goo Hye Sun

It's you by Goo Hye Sun

I may see you tomorrow

Like a fool I'm writing this
to make it obvious behind the thickness.
If only someone would read me
I'd be thankful if that someone is you.

Like a fool I smiled for you
holding in the tear I know I shouldn't.
If only the night is not this cold
I'd be wrapping my arms around you now.

I may see you tomorrow..
I may see you tomorrow..

I'm a liar in front of love

Hatred, I have lost that long time ago
embracing this unpromising kindness,
and I keep going
where I'm going

Every time I find something beautiful
I'm reminded of how I can't change,
so I keep going
where I'm going

I'm a liar in front of you
I have lost the real me
I want to be selfish from now on
but unfortunately I'm not that strong

Until one day you will notice me
until one day I will have to stop
until one day the dawn reappear
to end this long sleepless night.