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What is in the box..?

What is in the box,
Who are these two people
and how do they know each other..?

Where have they been..?
Where are they going..?
Are they from and going separate ways..?

How long have they known each other..?
Where did they meet, how did they meet
And why can't they be together..?

What is in the box
Can someone please tell me that..?
Should I keep asking, should I wait here
Or should I steal it away instead..?

Can I not cry..?

Can I not cry..?
Even when I'm breaking,
can I just sit here quietly..?
Can I not cry..?
Even there are reasons to,
can the rain be my excuse tonight..?

Can I just hold on to this thought..?
The thoughts of you and yesterdays,
can I keep them and make them mine..?

Can I touch your heart..?
Even if it's only in my dream,
can you hold me close tonight..?

Can I not cry tonight..?
The rain outside is louder,
so much louder than the sound of my breathing.