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The moon and I are not in love

It feels better to read than to write for I have nothing else to tell neither mine nor yours. It's true, the tale of you're not coming back and what a spoonful of sweetness could do to mend a broken heart. Like mine does.
We're not in love, I wish we're not.
I don't like it here any more. For the night is the reason I'm waiting. It's true. When it falls, sometimes you are-- disappear, and what it does to me is hurting.
What's done is done,
and I don't like it here any more. Just take a picture of how you feel that night. There is no way we are in love and you might never get this chance again.

The feeling of being alone

To be different do you know how that feels like? As if the whole world is hating me. The way they look at me, treat me. As if I leave a mistake, in every step I made. Can a person look very kind even from the back?
If I die, and my whole life die with me will they be happy? But if I'm not, and live my life pretending will you be happy?
Sometimes, even the night leaves me no comfort. Maybe to be just me is never enough. Or, is it because we are just-- lonely?