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These two rooms

This room was empty But It has changed, slowly
It matures as we grow And Aged as time passes slow
It's shaped our inferiority When We shaped its personality
This other room is a space, to those looking for another place
To just stay within this amount of love or give away for someone to take care of. 

Unspoken words

I'd rather be alone;
          when I'm mad at you
          when I feel unloved

I want to forget things;
          when it gets complicated
          when things turned rough

I wish I haven't met you
and there was no us

I wish I can just leave you
and to be alone if I must

But to think of that all
it makes me feel
the worst version of me
and for that I'm sorry...

"I love you"
That, I should just tell you.

Of me and her

Wanting to decide for her,
for this one,
for now.
Why can't she say exactly what she want,
how she feels,
If only this moment would reveal itself,
I'm afraid she will be torn.
Still, we are parting every now and then,
from the day the both of us were born.
Even when the veil is not as thick,
I don't want to let her go.
Even if I know we can never meet,
I believe that it is not so.

Life in between seeing and forgetting,
someday, I wish this will end.
I'm meeting with tomorrow--
on the other side of the moon.
With her.
And with our hearts, again.

Please don't mind my existence

Please don't mind me for now..
I'm in my thought,
of stories I can't tell.
Of pains I want to let go.
Of people I want to forget.
Of love I never get to share.
Of history I don't want to repeat.
Of so many mistakes I wish I didn't do.
Of so much hatred and sadness I've kept inside.
Of nothing more than a fragile heart I have with me.

Please don't mind my negative attitude.
Please leave me if I'm too much.
Please let me be my self for now.
I just need some time alone.
I'm still learning to understand my self.

I have found you

I have found you.
Unnoticed and unanswered--
I have found you,  like that.

I have found you,
not looking at,
but am looking for.

In the midst of being sad and happy,
like falling from the sky and ends up floating;
just about to hit the ground. Almost.
I have found you, like that.

I have found you.
Just like that.

We've been busy

We've been busy counting
My self
My pride
My fortune

Instead of counting
My family
My mom
My dad

..and because of that we keep wanting more.

Why don't we count
My religion
My faith
My God

..and gain a lot more later on.

After a while

After a while, we'll live and breathe as if nothing happened. We'll have it again, those familiar times people and places days and nights.
After a while, we'll recount it again. We'll talk about it and may cry a little, silent a little. Stay in that moment just a little bit more.
After a while, We'll walk on the same road and smile again, as if nothing happened.