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Please don't mind my existence

Please don't mind me for now..
I'm in my thought,
of stories I can't tell.
Of pains I want to let go.
Of people I want to forget.
Of love I never get to share.
Of history I don't want to repeat.
Of so many mistakes I wish I didn't do.
Of so much hatred and sadness I've kept inside.
Of nothing more than a fragile heart I have with me.

Please don't mind my negative attitude.
Please leave me if I'm too much.
Please let me be my self for now.
I just need some time alone.
I'm still learning to understand my self.

I have found you

I have found you.
Unnoticed and unanswered--
I have found you,  like that.

I have found you,
not looking at,
but am looking for.

In the midst of being sad and happy,
like falling from the sky and ends up floating;
just about to hit the ground. Almost.
I have found you, like that.

I have found you.
Just like that.