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A Night Above The Clouds

We had a night above the clouds
and sorry you weren't there.

It was a night above the clouds
that I was thinking of you
and of --
a person I haven't met yet.

It was a night above the clouds
when that person appears within my mind
and I want that person to really appear--
within my life.

I have mixed feelings about this
after that night above the clouds.
But I think I am mostly happy
that neither of you is now with me.

I Blame Everything

I blame the gravity. and the blowing wind and the singing bird and the drizzling rain and the hiding moon.
I blame those smiles. and those glasses and those stares and those moments and those hands.
I blame my racing heart. and my searching eyes and my shivering hands and my unformed words and my unsure steps.

In A Transition

A moment.. when we are in a blank space, in between two separated places, unaware of sometimes unwanted.
A moment.. when the world stops at you, in deciding whether it's worth to-- long for or to forget it all.
A moment.. of neither black nor white, in confusion of thoughts tonight, hanging in before giving up.

Too Shy

Keeping a distance, aloof and away, and a pale face-- turns red for a day.
Sweaty hands,
trembling knees,
word fails to form--
inside, everything freeze.

Looking down, nothing to say, and at that moment, I started to pray; "Grant me strength and courage, in this place I stay".

We'll never know

I'm in love with you.
I admit it.
It'll be my secret,
I swear it.
I'm missing you tonight,
but you'll never know.
I talk to God about you,
but you'll never know.
I write your name in my diary,
but you'll never know.
You're missing me too,
but I'll never know.
You talked to God about me,
but I'll never know.
You wrote my name in your diary,
but I'll never know.
We could be perfect for each other,
we'll never know.

Would You Have A Cat?

Would you grow a tree..?
To tend to every single day
To love and to care
Would you..?

Would you have a cat..?
To tend to every single day
To love and to care
Would you..?

One day,
We'll get attached to them.
Sooner or later the love will grow.
Day and night will not going to be the same any more.
We'll do anything to protect them.
We will care for them more than we do to ourselves.
For now, they will be our priority.
We can't even imagine what this life would be without them.
Until we are no longer ourselves.
Eventually, we need them more than they need us.
Slowly, part of us will be dying inside.
But we will forget how did this happen in the first place.
So we will end up blaming ourselves.
Only then will we realize that life would be simpler--
much simpler, without them.

I choose not to love.
I choose not to care.
And those--
are the reasons why.

Breathe Again..

Roses And Pink Hydrangeas

Roses and pink hydrangeas, you step on them that is how I lead you your way. The scent of each petal fills the room just let them be, just walk with grace.
From here, the mountain, I'll lead you to that bay until the sun is setting, then I'll be on my way.

For You

Here's my heart
I want you to have it
along with my flaws
I hope you will take it.
Here I give you--
the same thing I want from you.

Everything's Going To Be Alright.

I forgot how to write about hatred.  I've been writing about love so much, I even lost my self along the way.  I'm frowning a lot these days. At some points, I get totally confused with my self.


That day, I have found you. Another love that I hope will make ME grow.  Though I know part of my dreams will never come true,
to comfort my self, I keep on chanting the same words every-single-day. 'Everything's going to be alright'.
I may not be the same person today. And you might as well hate me by now. I should just let you go and let YOU grow. Even though I still love you,  LOVE is not enough for me to keep you. It's okay-- Everything's going to be alright.

Sharing this with love..

Just because

Because of you I can't see me any more I saw her flew away last month. Someday, I know she'll come back.
Because of you I shut my self in my head I wonder how long will it last. Sometimes, I want to sleep and forget.
Love is not another story I can tell. It's a new equation I can't solve. 

Changing the subjects

We can talk about life for so many times and it could be about something. Something unique, something austere, something fragile. Or it could be about  people, a person, someone we know, someone we don't know, someone else in someone else's life, a friend, an enemy, our neighbours, colleagues or employers. Or how about the broken flowerpot in front of our house, that grey cat with pink sweater, another new mall in town, unread books covered in dust or even a note. Or maybe, just maybe, we can change the subjects to what we are familiar with. Like you-- me.