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Showing posts from February, 2015

Just because

Because of you I can't see me any more I saw her flew away last month. Someday, I know she'll come back.
Because of you I shut my self in my head I wonder how long will it last. Sometimes, I want to sleep and forget.
Love is not another story I can tell. It's a new equation I can't solve. 

Changing the subjects

We can talk about life for so many times and it could be about something. Something unique, something austere, something fragile. Or it could be about  people, a person, someone we know, someone we don't know, someone else in someone else's life, a friend, an enemy, our neighbours, colleagues or employers. Or how about the broken flowerpot in front of our house, that grey cat with pink sweater, another new mall in town, unread books covered in dust or even a note. Or maybe, just maybe, we can change the subjects to what we are familiar with. Like you-- me.