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For You

Here's my heart
I want you to have it
along with my flaws
I hope you will take it.
Here I give you--
the same thing I want from you.

Everything's Going To Be Alright.

I forgot how to write about hatred.  I've been writing about love so much, I even lost my self along the way.  I'm frowning a lot these days. At some points, I get totally confused with my self.


That day, I have found you. Another love that I hope will make ME grow.  Though I know part of my dreams will never come true,
to comfort my self, I keep on chanting the same words every-single-day. 'Everything's going to be alright'.
I may not be the same person today. And you might as well hate me by now. I should just let you go and let YOU grow. Even though I still love you,  LOVE is not enough for me to keep you. It's okay-- Everything's going to be alright.

Sharing this with love..