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I Blame Everything

I blame the gravity. and the blowing wind and the singing bird and the drizzling rain and the hiding moon.
I blame those smiles. and those glasses and those stares and those moments and those hands.
I blame my racing heart. and my searching eyes and my shivering hands and my unformed words and my unsure steps.

In A Transition

A moment.. when we are in a blank space, in between two separated places, unaware of sometimes unwanted.
A moment.. when the world stops at you, in deciding whether it's worth to-- long for or to forget it all.
A moment.. of neither black nor white, in confusion of thoughts tonight, hanging in before giving up.

Too Shy

Keeping a distance, aloof and away, and a pale face-- turns red for a day.
Sweaty hands,
trembling knees,
word fails to form--
inside, everything freeze.

Looking down, nothing to say, and at that moment, I started to pray; "Grant me strength and courage, in this place I stay".