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You Touched My Heart

Holding back the tears knowing that times will fix everything. A budding smile of a broken hearted will ends this long journey called life. Shadows will disappear after a while And the rain will soon fall on both of us.

You touched my heart. Quietly, yet I know you were.


Deja Vu

The far away sky
The moon, those songs I used to sing
The diary, places I used to go, the scars
The stars I've been counting, the night
The rain, unsent letters that I'm keeping
Those words that keep on reminding --
The same old stories
Those memories I turned into histories

And you

Are simply my

Deja Vu.

Because I need To Know

With eyes closed,
on a rainy day,
in this busy crowds,
tell me.

That this is not a dream.
That you are here with me.
That my secret is also yours.
That everything will be alright.

Tell me now.
Before I go to sleep tonight.
Before tomorrow's sun greet us,
before this madness ends.

Without any words but a smile,
please tell me.

I Miss You

It’s okay I have to grow old without you It’s okay you are no longer with me I’ll keep on living like I always do Day by day, as if nothing happened As if you are still there watching me And your calm voice My heart had it recorded that way It keeps on replaying in my head Has been three years now since then An idle image of you remains, unfade Exactly the way I see it in the day moon Which brings up the colors at night When everything else has turned gray Because you’re not my excuses anymore For every detour I took in this life In every tear I have you cheering me on To get up on my feet and try again To be true to my self and once again Everything seems to be okay again I realize that we are never really alone We always have ALLAH with us We always have ALLAH between us It’s okay, as long as we have HIM with us.

I Have No Right To Know

I have no right to ask How are you and how was your day I just assumed that everything went well. I have no right to know The reason behind your tears and tired face I’m sure your smile will soon appear like the sun. I have no right to question Your sincere heart and honesty as a friend For I can feel it like a warm embrace around me. So now-- I have no right to cry Even if it breaks my heart when I look at you To know that you are in pain, it hurts me even more.

Pretty Smile

I'm waiting and I keep staring at the window. The birds outside are happily chirping and here I am, waitng.
I'm waiting and now the rain has stopped. Slowly, a rainbow appears from far away and I want to go there, but here I am, waiting.
I'm waiting with hope and a pretty smile. I'll be excited, like a little kid again while I'm here, waiting.

Story Of Two Little Stars

There was a little star. She was wondering around the galaxy all on her own. Having no place to go, she spent most of her time thinking about her future while finding a place to call home. One day, she met another star. From afar, he was twinkling. He was a brightly shining star and it has drawn her to him. It was so unfortunate that she can’t avoid herself from going towards his brightness. She tried to cover her sight and sometimes even hid her self away. It was overwhelming. Therefore, instead of forcing herself to ignore him, she decided to become his friend. He is, without a doubt, the nicest friend one could have and she felt warm in his presence. Days after days, she grew fond of him. However, his bright light has made it difficult for her in many ways. She was afraid that it will make her blind and that she could no longer be his friend. So she decided to keep a distance from him and to cover her sight when they see each other.  She thought to herself;
“If I kee…

Will you remember?

Years later… do you think we’re going to remember? Early in the morning, working together, late in the evening, waiting to go home-- years later… do you think we’re going to remember?
You were talking to me at the stairs, Just the two of us. And I remember how you always smiling each time-- when you’re talking to me. Will you remember?
Years later… do you think we’re going to remember? Late at night, on a bus for a long trip, early in the morning, another long day— years later… do you think we’re going to remember?

Will you remember them-- with a smile on your face?