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Story Of Two Little Stars

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            There was a little star. She was wondering around the galaxy all on her own. Having no place to go, she spent most of her time thinking about her future while finding a place to call home.
One day, she met another star. From afar, he was twinkling. He was a brightly shining star and it has drawn her to him. It was so unfortunate that she can’t avoid herself from going towards his brightness. She tried to cover her sight and sometimes even hid her self away. It was overwhelming. Therefore, instead of forcing herself to ignore him, she decided to become his friend.
He is, without a doubt, the nicest friend one could have and she felt warm in his presence. Days after days, she grew fond of him. However, his bright light has made it difficult for her in many ways. She was afraid that it will make her blind and that she could no longer be his friend. So she decided to keep a distance from him and to cover her sight when they see each other.  She thought to herself;

“If I keep covering my sight, everything will be fine.”


          There was another little star. He was wondering around the galaxy all on his own. Having no place to go, he spent most of his time thinking about his future while finding a place to call home.
One day, he met the other star. From afar, she was sparkling. She was a glittery sparkling star and it has drawn him to her. He was mesmerized by her and he can’t keep his sight off of her sparkles. He looked at her when she was not looking and sometimes even hurt his sight from not blinking. It was wonderful. Therefore, instead of looking at her from afar, he decided to become her friend.
She is, just as he thought, the loveliest friend one could have and he felt happy in her presence. Days after days, he grew fond of her. However, her awkwardness has made it difficult for him in many ways. He was afraid that she is not comfortable with him around and that he could no longer be her friend. So he decided not to bother her so much and to keep a distance when they see each other. He thought to himself;

“If I keep my distance from her, everything will be fine.”


Not knowing each other’s feelings, both of them thought;

“Maybe he hates me...”
 “Maybe she hates me...” 


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