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Just Like...You

Just like the sun
your presence makes everything brighter
nights are no longer black and white
you appear with rainbows to my rainy season
every moment is ten times more meaningful
so I keep them safe in my secret journal.

I like you
and there is no other way to say it
I want you to know
but I'm too scared of losing you
just by standing next to you
my day will be a perfect one
I can't make it obvious
so all these time I've been hiding
behind every smile, every friendly 'hello'

I like you
I wish I can just tell you
but even if you ask it yourself
I would lie and say...'no'
As long as you are here
as long as we can still see each other
everything will be just fine

One day,
maybe I'll tell you how much I love you
and everything else will stop for a second
maybe you will be looking into my eyes
and I smile because you are too
maybe you will tell me the same
and tears will be rolling down my cheeks
because I've been waiting for this to happen
my whole e…